Monday, February 18, 2013

Nautical Second Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Jack's birthday with family and friends at a lakefront clubhouse near my in-laws house. The weather was beautiful and so was the day. I had a lot of fun putting together the details of his nautical themed party! How cute did everything turn out?! I put a list of links at the end of the post where you can find most of the components. I wish I snapped some more action pictures of Jack playing with his cousins and our friends, but you parents know how it goes at these things---you need an outside photographer to take care of that otherwise you miss the party ;)

Although raising children can be bittersweet because the "baby phase" is so fleeting, I'm already looking forward to planning Jack's next party---and yes, I already have the theme picked out! I know my years are limited for choosing the type of parties that I want to throw for Jack, so I'm taking full advantage of it!

But for now...I'm just enjoying the not-so-terrible-two's ;)

We hit it out of the park with this amazing water/sand transportation station from Step 2. Hours of entertainment and imaginative play! 

Birthday joy from my little boy. He loved all the attention being on him as we sang Happy Birthday! I got a kick out of Jack just going in for a little lick of his smash cake...not one for dainty delicate sweets is he? ;)

A quick toddler-outfit change and documenting the limited days left of being a family of three...

Cake Bunting Printable, here.
Water/Soda Bottle Labels, here.
Birthday Banner, here.
Cupcake Fondant Toppers, here.
Nautical Decor Elements, here.
Birthday Invitation, here.