Friday, July 27, 2012

17 Hours Of My Life With A 17 Month Old...

Not a mother and ever wonder what it's like?
Are a mother and need an "Amen" moment (or two, or three...)?
Just curious to see what it is that I do all day?

{I'll give you some hints: it ain't easy and it ain't dull }

I've been wanting to write this post for a while now, so I can document and share what my daily life is like with an almost one-and-a-half-year-old. Truth be told, despite the fact that I am a full-time mom, parenting is very much a team effort in our family, and I think that will shine through as you track our nearly 
minute-by-minute routine.  I decided to pick a day that I knew I'd mostly keep to my schedule and had nothing special or out of the ordinary planned. A day like most days, complete with many cute and chaotic moments. If you've been reading this blog for while, you can tell Jack is no stranger to social activities, fun outings, and lots of traveling. However, there are so many "ordinary" days in between that are far less adventurous. I wanted to capture what it's like when I'm primarily home-bound and caring for the needs of a mini-human. 

Here we GO!
17 hours with a 17 month old 

The day begins. Jack wakes us up by babbling loudly and abruptly. John is up before me, takes this picture, changes diaper #1, and gives Jack some milk.
{yes, John is the best}

John falls asleep on the couch. I'm up, make coffee, then lay down in bed to check my emails on my phone while Jack sits with (a still sleeping) John and watches some show on PBS, I think Sesame Street.

I hear pitter-patter and Jack has found me hiding laying in bed. 
I get up and we read and play in his room.

I make Jack breakfast. On this morning, it's a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat and some milk. I eat the same thing. He always loves breakfast, but doesn't always love sitting around and waiting for it, as you can see...

Jack plays outside. His time is cut short when he attempts to bring his "outside" toys inside--complete with that "look" where he knows he's about to hear "NO!" 
John diffuses the situation by wrestling with Jack on the couch. 

I begin the laundry and cleaning up around the house.

A series of toddler games commences.
{side note: it's been almost two hours since I made coffee and I still haven't finished half of my cup}

Change diaper #2. 
Always Tears.

Jack being Jack.
He tinkers with an old DVR box that John left out for me to return, and throws several bottles on the floor and then tries to bowl with them.

I put Jack down for his nap.

{I've changed Jack's nap schedule to be in the morning as opposed to the middle of the afternoon so our days are easier to manage. He takes one 2 hour (sometimes longer) nap around this time and then we're free to plan activities for the rest of the day. I find he's full of energy for the day after the morning nap, and totally tired at bedtime from playing hard all afternoon. I also find it easier when we go to Music Class on Tuesdays at 12:15pm, if Jack has already napped.}

Jack has stopped babbling to himself and I hear silence...I sneak in to take this picture :)

Now starts the approximate 2 hours of alone time spent in my house while Jack is asleep. During this window of time I need to: 

1) *re-heat & finish my coffee*
2) shower & get dressed
3) clean up messes from breakfast, do dishes, and pick up toys
4) eat an early lunch (I eat my adult lunch alone in peace and then munch on a healthy snack while Jack eats his toddler lunch) 
5) clean some more and finish laundry 
6) figure out what I need to do for the day with Jack 
7) do any work stuff that John needs for our business
7) work on this blog 
8) if I'm feeling lazy then I'll watch some of my DVR shows like The Newsroom, or True Blood :) 

Jack wakes up. I LOVE going in Jack's room when he wakes up. The way he greets me as I approach his crib to scoop him up melts my heart! I always take some quiet time to cuddle, kiss, and hug him. I set my camera on self-timer and snapped some pictures of me just enjoying my little guy :)

I sit at my desk & log onto my computer, which lasts for about 65 seconds before Jack wants to sit in my lap and push all the buttons on my keyboard.

The standard routine of changing diaper #3 of the day, including the ploy of Jack wanting me to read him a book, me on a whirlwind run around the room to chase after him, and me finally grabbing the first toy I see to distract him.

Now to pick an outfit for the day and wrestle him to put it on, both on his changing table and then on the floor.

I make Jack his lunch...he only eats the roasted pepita seeds and is not happy about trying anything else.

I give up on the well-rounded lunch, and let Jack outside to play while I finish getting myself ready to face the world in a presentable manner.

Jack quickly becomes upset that I'm off doing my own thing, runs back inside, and a series of whining, mini tantrums, and frustrating emotions begin...

I finally appease Jack by playing "chase" for a minute and then letting him jump on our bed while I put makeup on and do my hair...which I always plan on actually "doing" but inevitably end up leaving it wet and putting it up in a messy bun.

This happens.
{Jack is rummaging through drawers and gets his arm stuck}

Then, this happens.
{Jack is rummaging through drawers again, finds our toothpaste and eats it}

{for the record, I know swallowing toothpaste is bad for babies. It's now on the top shelf of our cabinet!}

{we head to the park which is luckily just 5 minutes away by car}

I was going to coordinate leaving Jack with John so I can run errands, but he was busy so I decide to head back home and attempt to re-feed Jack lunch, this time while watching Thomas and Friends. I settle for him eating strawberries and a half of a strawberry oat bar for lunch.

I do the dishes, try to sneak in a snack but opt instead for some random tidying up around the kitchen.

John calls and says he's available now to take Jack to a park by our office while I step out to run a series of errands. We turn off Thomas and Friends and prepare to head out. Score!...except Jack gets upset that another diaper change is imminent...

Diaper change #4 complete with tears and then finally smiles.

I'm literally starving and grab the first snack I can find and inhale it.

This happens
{Jack drags his bathtub all over the house and into our yard}

I pack up the diaper bag and head out the door to leave Jack with John at the office. This luxury does not go unappreciated. Having the ability to leave your child with the other parent 1-2 times a week during the day for 1-2 hours is a wonderful perk. Jack is always thrilled to see John and I embark on the series of outings required to run our household. On this day it was a plumbing store literally across town and a frame shop.

I'm pulling into our driveway, back from my errands and picking Jack up, and I see that Jack has fallen asleep in the car. I take him inside for diaper change #5 and he's still sleeping. This never happens...he must be really tired. Decide to let him sleep and contemplate making dinner in peace...

...until I discover that Jack is up and NOT taking a nap. Dinner is on hold until...

Daddy comes home! Great! Now I can cook uninterrupted while John watches Jack.

Jack freaks out as soon as John puts him down, as usual, so John lets him play on our bed while he changes clothes.

I make dinner.

Jack and John play outside.

Dinner is served. 
Jack will eat bits and pieces, then become bored and start throwing food or his silverware at me or on the floor. 
I usually loose it become impatient at this point.

We let Jack play in the backyard (notice his bathtub is still outside from me forgetting to bring it back inside) and shortly after, he has a mini-meltdown.

I let Jack watch the remaining minutes of Thomas and Friends from earlier in the afternoon, and he does his happy dance.

Jack is watching TV, Mommy is starting this blog post in the office, and Daddy is watching the news...for literally 2.5 minutes...

...until Jack feels left out and sprints into this shot.

Jack needs diaper change #6, I discover it's really dirty so I just strip him down and prep his bath...Oh, and there are cries of course when Jack realizes I'm about to put him through the agony of changing his dirty diaper.

Bath time fun!

Bath time is over, time to dry off and put on the final diaper of the day, #7!

Pajama time, I clean up Jack's room, and John does the dishes.

Bedtime stories with mommy.

Goodnight Moon
Goodnight Baby.

Alone time with John; we unwind, converse about random topics, and start a movie...can you guess which one? My pick of course!

I tidy up around the house, then crash into bed---changing into the same pajamas I wore the night before.

So...want to know how I feel at the end of the day?

tired, if not exhausted
wondering what tasks I should have done/still need to do
usually longing to curl up next to Jack in our bed and missing him already
eager to begin the next day
overall content and happy with life
perpetually only 3/4 asleep, worrying about Jack and listening for noises
always in love with being a mother.


  1. Love your day! Is't it crazy how you cannot wait for them to fall asleep and then an hour later want to go hold them and miss them? The irony!!

    1. I know! I get so exhausted at some points during the day, begging for alone time and then I just want to scoop Jack up from his sleep and snuggle at night...

  2. Lauren GiacopelliJuly 27, 2012 at 1:06 PM

    Love this! You did a great job! I can't wait to be a mom, I know it's a busy life but such an amazing one at the same time. I love that you and John make it a team effort, that is so important. Can't wait to see you soon!

    1. Thanks Lauren! You will make a wonderful mom and I'm excited to welcome you to the club one day :)

  3. Wow girlfriend. This post makes me excited/nervous/anxious/happy/did I mention nervous to have a baby! Mostly excited though. I can see how much you love little Jack and you and John are such great parents. :) I particularly love the photo of him running around his room with your hand... so classic. Great post hun!

    1. Thanks so much Lauren!'ll be an amazing mom to one adorable future baby! Hope you still keep the blogosphere in touch when you do!

  4. My days are starting to get longer because my daughter who will be 3 in November is starting to bulk her naps. She naps around 2 pm, and boy, I will miss it.

  5. I loved this! Your baby is so cute, and especially his "about-to-hear-no" face! New follower, by the way! (:

    Oh and I'd like to invite you to enter the great 150 Follower Giveaway I have going on right


  6. Wow, your son has almost the exact same schedule as mine!! What's with the hissy fits at diaper changes..I mean, it's nothing new?!! Lol! Btw, dinner looks great!! I'm so thankful my son LOVES to eat...I couldn't even imagine him wasting his food by throwing it on the floor!! Lol!

    1. I know!! Jack kills me with the eating habits. Funny that our boys keep such similar schedules! I love it...

  7. A day in the life, this is great! Don't hate me, but I just nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger Award. You can check it out on my blog (Callia's Corner)

  8. What a great post! My twin girls just turned four, but I remember/still relate to a lot of this! It really helps when you can approach parenting as a team. :)

  9. sounds pretty much like mine...toddlers wear you out.