Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Weekend!

We had a great weekend with amazing weather, friends, family, and food! Our little Super Bowl party was a blast. I did a lot of cooking for it, but actually it was pretty easy stuff to pull off. After cooking for nearly 20 on Thanksgiving, I think I'm pretty cool under pressure for gatherings like these. Jack was off his sleep schedule for the past few weeks, as he's been bothered by an ear infection, a virus, and a fever. Now that he's on the mend, he's catching up on lost sleep and it's fantastic news for us! We were able to really relax this weekend and sleep in, catch up on our to-do lists, hang out with family and friends, and even spend all night listening to music and being couch potatoes after Jack went to bed. It was glorious.  Back to the grind tomorrow...ahhh well, the fun was nice while it lasted :)

Here's a quick roundup:

silly family self-portrait

Friday night cuddles with Aunt Shayda

Going for a slide

Here's a video of Jack "revving" up to go down his slide. He rocks back and forth a lot like this, making the "vroom" sound, and I think it's so cute!

Nana time

Mimosa time

Sunset time

Jack's first experience eating sugar...a chocolate chip cookie that he kept sneaking more of :)

  How we spent the Super Bowl :)

Visit my food blog for the delicious recipes I made for the party!