Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Round-Up

It was Jack's first Thanksgiving yesterday! Don't get me wrong, he had his fun and cute moments....buuuuuttt... he never napped. Well, he had his morning nap, but he was up pretty much from 
11: 00am-8:00pm, with just a few brief cat naps. So, he was crankier than usual. We tried to get him down in the pack'n'play at my parents house, but that was a no-go. I've learned that there is just no way at this stage to get Jack to sleep during a party, skip any part of a party, or withdrawal from any part of a social gathering of any kind. Sound like anyone you know? ;) Oh, and it turned out he was also in the midst of cutting another tooth, because he was in horrible pain around 10pm that night and we had to give him Tylenol. 

OK, so that was a lot of Jack-related issues to throw out there, but we had a great time at Thanksgiving--truly!!

It was a lot of work, but I made it through cooking my very first turkey for Thanksgiving dinner (and about 6 other dishes)--for 18 people, no less! My whole family was there which was really fun. There are now 5 second cousins ages 10 and under in my family, and by next year when two of them are going to be toddlers, it will be ca-razy!

 Here are a few pictures: