Sunday, July 12, 2015

Boy Update!

 Jack: Really into all things jets, specifically related to the Air Force . He wants to "work on jets" after he's done with High School, apparently, and expects Daddy to enlist in the Air Force with him so they'll be together. He's pretty excited by the military in general, I think because all of his grandfathers were once a part of it and we talk about that often. He still likes to build with Legos, and is into pretend play---although he is also obsessed with riding his scooter. He's finished two weeks of camp this summer, and has flourished mentally during this time. He loves music, especially Taylor Swift songs, and dancing!  He's an individual. He doesn't buddy-up with one specific friend. He's close with certain friends, of course, but he's happy to play by himself or shift to other activities by his own lead in a group setting. However, he's comfortable in a crowd and will socialize with anyone if he's in the mood. If a group of older kids are playing anything from flag football to organizing a dance routine, you bet your bottom dollar Jack will jump right in and beg to join---he loves to play with older kids! He's very physical, which can be a positive (lots of cuddling and hugs) or a negative!

Recent quotes, which reveal his sense of humor and the emotional roller coaster that is being four:

{Convo #1 regarding household roles}
Me: "Jack, what's Daddy's job?"
Jack: "Working at Trey Software."
Me: "What's Mommy's job?"
Jack: "uhhhh, doing chores and buying Venti Black Ice Teas with sweetener." Clearly, I go to the Starbucks drive-through way too much (that's my order 70% of the time)

{Convo #2 regarding household roles}
Jack: "Mommy, do you know what your job is?"
Me: "what?"
Jack: "to just make sure no one dies."

Uncle Matt: "San Diego is a beautiful place to live, Jack."
Jack: sighs "Everyone knows that Uncle Matt."

Me: "Sorry, you can't have any ice cream tonight."
Jack: "ugh! I am NOT having a very nice life!"

Me: "Jack, did you know that you were once growing inside my belly as a tiny baby?"
Jack:  long pause "Well that's gotta hurt"

John and I take the boys on a seaside drive along the ocean, note: the seals and seagulls are a plenty...
Jack: sniffs the air "Hey, who forgot to clean up the beach?!

Luke: Adding to his vocabulary everyday, although he isn't talking fully yet (he can put a few words together such as "no, mama" "dadda's shoes", and "read this", but most of his speech is still hard to understand). He wants to fully talk desperately, as will often lock his eyes on my mouth when I speak so he can watch how I say things. He's reserved and standoff-ish. However, he's no pushover. If he doesn't want to talk to someone or be held by someone, he'll let them know it. If Jack, God forbid, steals his toy, the whole neighborhood will know it---the kid has lungs! He clings to John or I like a barnacle when put in a crowd situation---he's more of a one-on-one kind of guy. He's never one to turn down an escorted swim in a pool, and absolutely lives for 5:30pm Monday-Friday when John comes home and they play on our cul-de-saq (Luke's preferred activity during this time is to be pushed in his Little Tykes red buggy). He's interested in trying new foods, and has a thing for steak and ground sirloin. He can be a pretty grumpy little chap, and people close to us have learned not to take it personally! He doesn't sleep through the night on a consistent basis, but this past week he's been doing great. We may have to try a gentle sleep training method soon, though. He loves to imitate me, and inflections in my voice, like "huuuuuuuh?" and "whaaaaat?" He's pretty attached to John, but when it's just me at home, he'll shower me with kisses and say lovingly "mammmma" as he cuddles next to me. He has the most beautiful blonde curly hair. I love when I'm talking about doing something with Jack or John, and Luke will always chirp from the background: "And ME!"

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Santa Barbara, A-Z

View from ABOVE

BOYS will be BOYS

CATNAP, post-picnic




Pint-sized GOLF

HITCH a ride in style




PLAY Ball!


TABLE-SIDE beauty, coming UP for a bite


San YSIDRO Ranch, Finding ZEN

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Thoughts on Turning 33 (last month):

My actual birthday this year fell on Mother's Day. I spent the day with my Mom, and it was lovely. We went out for brunch and then strolled a local design district for several hours. The day before my birthday, however, I found myself feeling blue for most of the day. I couldn't help it; my mood just fell into a funk. This was the first year that's ever happened to me. I didn't want to turn 33, for all the shallow and surface reasons that you'd expect. It happens to most people, I assume. Keeping score of the changes in my physical appearance, the noticeable gap that keeps growing larger between myself and my friends in their twenties, and the makeover to my medicine cabinet---which used to contain only sunscreen, Advil, and face cleanser, now holds an apothecary of products splashed with:  "CELL RENEWAL!" "SUPER-CORRECTIVE!", "POWERFUL LINE-REDUCING!", and "ADVANCED RECOVERY!" That can be a little depressing, no? Then, on the evening of my birthday, my husband brought home the most delicious treats from a local French bakery. My kids were so pumped to sing to me and blow out those candles. They were full of happiness and optimism and joy. They see my heart and my soul, not age spots, fine lines, or a body image that doesn't fit the mold. I'm tickled with excitement and have all the warm fuzzy feelings when I think of what's still yet to come for our family; for my kids. Growing older can frankly suck at times. However, it's such a privilege to do so. The whole day-before-my-birthday I was left with a feeling of dread. I was so focused on not looking forward to turning 33, that I took for granted that having something to look forward to at all is the meaning of this life as a whole...that, desserts, good coffee, sunsets, checking in on your children as they sleep at night, and a holy-grail under eye concealer ;) 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Rocky Mountain Kids

Easter Morning!

A week in Colorado Springs last month went something like this:

-Checking into the most exquisite and glamorously antiquated hotels I've been to (The Broadmoor). 
-Also feeling grateful for the 5 star service. Everyday after John would leave for work, the boys and I would stroll up to the main hotel entrance to either retrieve our rental car or walk the grounds (which are stunning, complete with a huge playscape, lake, walking paths, etc.) and were greeted by no less than four smiling happy faces giving their salutations to my children, and to make sure we had everything we needed. Luke got sick, which I'll get to later, and threw-up all over the floor and chair in our room. I regrettably called housekeeping for help, and the kindest man dressed in full hazmat attire arrived promptly with toxic waste bags and a giant steam cleaning machine. Within 7 minutes it was as if nothing ever happened. I felt like we were the Royal Family.
{front of the hotel, and playscape on-site at the hotel}

-Lots of work meetings for John (we were in CO to tag along for his business trip)
-Easter Sunday spent brunching, which was a thrill in itself. Luke was not well-behaved during brunch, which we later realized was due to the fact that he was suffering from altitude sickness, so I wasn't able to capture photos of the incredible spread.
-A visit to Garden of The Gods to marvel at the "reddish pink rocks." (Jack)
-A visit to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo to marvel at the giraffes and suffer from an all-out-freak-out once arriving at the reptile encounter (Jack), and promptly booked it back to the car.

-Lots of quiet walks to catch that dose of rocky mountain high air, and to swoon over the dozens of restored old homes sprinkled around the hotel property.
-Bowling for the first time as a family IN our hotel, which had an amazing---beautiful, actually---bowling alley with an attached restaurant and game room.

-Searching for deer who roamed the surrounding neighborhood of the hotel.
-Trying to always manage the balance between practicality and spontaneity when traveling with two young kids.