Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Woodland Baby Shower

 Sharing the photos of a "woodland/garden baby shower" I hosted at my house this past February. The mother-to-be is a sweet friend, whose requests were "no pink" and "a lot of chocolate." With a TON of help from my three fellow co-hosts, who brought in flowers fit for a wedding bouquet, influences from an interior design background, and even homemade desserts that could have passed for professional bakery creations, we nailed the woodland wonderland vibe.  About those desserts----we had vibrant teal French Macarons, homemade chocolate bark, homemade chocolate dipped strawberries, homemade teal onesie sugar cookies, chocolate cupcakes, Elderberry cupcakes, and a purple and blue ombre cake. I'm still on a sugar high! I'm finding so much joy with party planning and the little details of creativity that go into a theme.

Saturday, March 28, 2015


 Jack's 4th birthday was Lego themed, and also the first year we invited some of his school friends---plus all our family---plus our family friends---that equates to a jumble of people and kids everywhere, which was why I had decided to throw him a party at our local park. Due to imminent rain on the forecast that afternoon, we had to switch locations from the park to our home last minute. Talk about stress overload. I had to procure new entertainment (balloon man and face painter) in lieu of the bouncy houses I had booked (thankfully fully refundable) because they wouldn't be operable in the rain. Despite all the moving parts which made this party more intense than years past, I feel like we pulled in off swimmingly. Everyone had fun and that is really all that matters. Because I have always been a visual person with a passion for creativity, these parties are a true outlet for me. Therefore, I put a lot of personnel effort and taste into them. If it was left 100% up to Jack, he'd probably be so happy if I baked a homemade cake with a new Batman action figure stuffed on top and fed him popcorn and ice cream while bursting balloons with a pokey stick. But since John and I live in this house too, we figure that even if Jack won't remember much about this day, we always will and that counts for a lot.  

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Keeping Birthday Traditions Strong!

We go to Corvette Diner every time one of my boys has a birthday. We haven't missed a year yet, and don't plan to! Milkshakes in every flavor combo, showboat dance performances by the staff at any given moment, and pure joy and delight of a child having virtually no dietary rules or restrictions to their meal---not to mention arcade games galore! It's just such a fun annual tradition that my boys will always remember as they get older. 

See our past birthdays spent here:

I'm realizing that I never posted pictures from when we took Jack to celebrate his 3rd birthday, or when we took Luke to celebrate his first birthday, so here you go:

Jack's Third Birthday Dinner at Corvette Diner (with his cousins):

Luke's 1st Birthday Dinner at Corvette Diner:

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Valentine's Day Party

Luke's "Mommy & Me Music Class" on Monday mornings is one of my favorite parts of my week. We have been going for over a year straight, and luck was on our side when we signed up. Random luck (well, with the exception of one sweet friend who I recruited to the class, who I had known prior) is what brought us together with so many other mommies who not only are incredible, but have kids all around the same age (most are about 2-3 months apart). Unlike the sessions I took at Nightingale Music Studio with Jack, most of the women I met in Luke's class have continued to sign up month after month, and we've stayed in touch outside of class too. We have girls nights, attend our kids birthdays, and just basically enjoy each others company. When I would take Jack to music class as a baby, I often found myself either surrounded by nannies, women (and a few men from time to time) who would sign up for one session and move on to something else, or around other babies who were just too far apart in age from Jack. That sweet friend I mentioned above who I encouraged to join the class last Spring, still of course goes every Monday with us, and came up with the brilliant idea to co-host a Valentine's Day Party for the class at my house. Explosion of cuteness? Nailed it. DIY kissing booth to boot.