Monday, December 1, 2014

Snow Day!

A few weeks ago, we rather spontaneously decided to travel to Denver for 3.5 days to see some of our family. John had work commitments in Colorado Springs, and I decided to fly up with the boys and meet him in Denver for the latter end of his business trip. When I bought our tickets, the weather was supposed to be crisp, cool, and clear. As our trip approached, I began to slightly panic because a snow storm was due to hit and temperatures were predicted to fall to 1 degree. It was fra-eee-zzing. So beautiful, but so cold! The boys had tons o' fun in the snow, and I was kinda loving the winter fashion options, steaming hot lattes and cocoa to cozy up to, and the novelty of a winter wonderland. We chatted it up with our infectiously fun family members, chowed down on huge breakfasts (who diets when on vacation? Certainly not me), cruised one of the most charming streets lined with gorgeous twinkle-light-strewn trees, and crunched our boots in the snow...leaving behind footprints and some fond memories too. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween 2014: Pumpkin Patch + Trick-Or-Treating!



Batman and Robin had a "spooktacular" Halloween! Jack insisted that every time he wore his costume leading up to Halloween, including the day-of, we all refer to him solely as "Batman." He also referred to himself in the third person while in character. Me: "Jack, hurry up we are going to be late to school, go find your shoes." Jack: "Uh, Uh, Uh, Mommy----BATMAN needs to go find his shoes." Me: "Jack, are you doing OK?" Jack: "Yeah. Batman needs to go pee." 

Jack was also tickled beyond excitement to see his friends from school all dressed up, and fully treated them as their Halloween characters. Another little boy in his class was also Batman, but the "Dark Knight" version. Jack was calling out "Come on Dark Knight, it's you and me. We gotta stick together. Dark Knight, oh Dark Knight! Where are you?!!" ***grabs hand of Dark Knight and doesn't let go***

Can we also just take a minute to look at the expressions (both facially and demonstratively) that Jack is rocking in the last two pictures? OMG. Little Luke was totally into the trick-or-treating, and it could not have been cuter. He would stagger behind the masses of running kids, take his sweet time carefully approaching each door, and was so pleased with himself as he watched the sweets plop into his bag. 

I just love Holidays with my boys!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Endless Summer Party

I decided to host an "Endless Summer" party in August to honor that fact that where we live, summer extends far beyond the start of school and autumn months. Also, it was long overdue to catch up with some awesome Mom's in my life. I'm so grateful for my playgroup families. Having supportive fellow mothers (and fathers) in my life has really fortified my confidence in parenthood. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed (or even horrified) by some of the behaviors from the boys, and it's easy to forget that I'm not the first and only mother to ever walk the planet. Every parent is in the same boat. We're all just trying to do our best, we all fall short, we all need help, and back on this particular day of Endless Summer Party fun, we all needed the distraction of balloon animals and fresh raspberry pie.  

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Summer Cousins


Every summer our Texas family escapes the heat and migrates West. It gets harder and harder to capture everyone and every detail of the activities we do together as the children keep multiplying, but here's a glimpse...and it won't be hard to tell that they are obsessed with each other. You've seen a lot of these girls on this blog. We've vacationed with them nearly half a dozen times, visited them in Austin about the same amount, and they come to San Diego roughly 3 times a year. The age difference is ideal. Right when the girls were growing out of the toddler frenzy stage, my boys were born and there's something very enticing to playing "mommy" to two little boys who worship the ground you walk on. Also, when there is 8 and 5 years between the oldest and youngest, it means built-in babysitters! These four are the luckiest...but most definitely needed a week-long nap after this most recent visit! (or maybe that was me?...)