Friday, April 4, 2014

Potty Training---an update!

So here's where we're at with the ever-so-joyous task of potty training our 3 year old:

-We have been diligently going at this for two months now, everyday.
-We are taking it very slow, tackling one step at a time. I did, however, stay home for about 3 days straight and implement a "bootcamp" of sorts where all we did was play and potty train. That really helped us and after those 3 days, he began peeing standing up and staying dry regularly. 
-He uses a toilet, not a kids potty.
-He enjoys wearing underwear and can stay dry all day as long as we help remind him to go.
-He wears an extra absorbent Pull-Up for naps and bedtime.
-He has been wearing a Pull-Up at school for the past three weeks, and does not have "diaper confusion." He'll use the restroom when prompted by his teacher, and even unprompted. He's been able to stay dry for the whole time he's at school. I plan on continuing this until he is able to control his bowel movements regularly, and then I'll start sending him in underwear. 
-He has only had one pee accident in the past three weeks, and it was at home.
-We haven't begun nighttime training yet.
-He has gone poop on the potty only twice. We're still working on that. There's been one accident in that department, but thankfully we were already in the bathroom when it happened (yikes and double yuck!).
-Overall, it's going along pretty much by-the-book. We have the expectation that he'll have more accidents in the next few months, and that staying dry all night will take some time, but we're really pleased with how much easier it's been (compared to when we first tried a year ago). 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding potty training your child, or want some tips, let me know and I'll be happy to help!

Spring-y Family

We drove up to the Carlsbad Flower Fields a few weeks ago, which has become a Spring tradition in our family. You can relive our past trips here and here. What beauties these blooms are. It's impressive and inspiring to see this magnificent garden so full of life and color. Kids just love it too---even babies! 

Now, if only I can get ONE of my flower beds to remain alive this season...

Monday, February 24, 2014


A red and black mouse-eared cap, hand-sewn with the birthday boys name.
A little baby with eyes as big as saucers, gazing at lanterns and lights and larger-than-life creatures.
Mothers and fathers, reliving childhood memories in the form of whimsical spinning teacups and wild rides. 
Balloons like jewels, bobbing around so bright and bold.
Storybook princesses and princes, strolling in their finery.
Smiles so genuine and happy they could turn any frown upside down.
Yep, it's a magical kingdom alright.

After a long weekend at Disneyland we are home; exhausted but filled to the brim with wonderful memories. The park was too stimulating for both Jack and Luke at times, and their energy levels wained by the end of each day, but overall there were no epic meltdowns or tears beyond the point of recovery. A big part of that success was bringing my parents along, who teamed up with us and provided so much support. We tried to do a little bit of everything. From the most amazing corn dog I've ever tasted in New Orleans Square, to a refined goat cheese and beet salad at the elegant Napa Rose restaurant in the Grand Californian Hotel. From the spankin' new Car's Land, to an original classic Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. From John and I breaking away from the boys and scaring the living daylights out of ourselves at the Twighlight Zone Tower of Terror, to the entire family going on a Jungle Cruise. From Jack thinking that crashing in the bumper cars and riding shotgun in Autopia were the most awesome rides ever, to me speed walking to the baby blue teacup for my all-time favorite attraction. From meeting princesses, Goofy, and Pluto, to watching fireworks and parades. I think we captured the spirit of all that Disneyland encompasses, and then some.

Friday, February 21, 2014

"Come Fly With Me, I'm Turning THREE!"

The theme for Jack's third birthday was inspired by his obsession with airplanes. Well, if I'm being honest, this party could have easily been a tractor, car, bulldozer, or "anything with wheels" theme. I was so happy with how all the decor turned out! Those mini suitcases and wooden plane knob? So adorbs. I chose to forgo a large and expensive cake, or a very ugly homemade one (because I can't really bake or decorate cakes), and order mini cupcakes from my favorite bakery. Two bites is all you need anyway, right? ;)  The face painting station was a huge hit. Jack had been waiting weeks and weeks for that, and it didn't disappoint. We had never taken him to get his face painted before, even though I think little kids with animal and fairy painted faces are just impossibly cute. Jack's cousins from Texas flew in JUST for the weekend festivities which was such a treat. Speaking of treats, I love how my little party favor bags turned out! It was surprisingly easy to find fun airplane decor in  bright red and blue colors, and I want to leave everything up because it looks so bright and happy. Thankfully, especially in this circumstance, most of our friends and family have children of all ages so they play well together (per my last post, it would have given me a little anxiety to have a house full of 13 toddlers on a sugar and stimulation high!). 

I just love planning and throwing parties, even though it does stress me out. Good thing I have another party to dream up in about 4 months----wait, this also means that my baby will be one? Ah, gotta love 'em and hate them at the same time ;)

Vendor List:

Banner, "Sips" & "Treats" cars, red stripe straws, and plane stickers on treat bags:
Plane Mylar Balloons:
Popcorn Bags and Tissue Paper Hanging Balls: Target
Mini Suitcases and Plane Knob:
"Fly on Over" Birthday Invite:
Airmail Scrapbook Paper (for treat bags):